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Getting the Delicious bookmarks add-on to work with Firefox 16

David, at Symetrick Design, figured out in March 2011 a simple trick to make the Delicious bookmarks Firefox add-on work after upgrading to Firefox 4.0 or 4.0.1.

The trick assumes that you previously had the Delicious bookmarks add-on working in Firefox, and that after upgrading to a more recent version of Firefox – your add-on is disabled and flagged as incompatible with the Firefox version you are using.

At least, the approach still works when upgrading to Firefox 16.0.1

  • Open Firefox
  • Goto “Help” in the Menu, then “Troubleshooting Information”
  • Click on the “Show Folder” button (within the box “Application Basics” on top of the page, at the line “Profile Folder)
  • Close Firefox
  • Goto into directory “extensions\{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9}”
  • Edit install.rdf and change the following from the first line to the second line
  • em:maxVersion=”4.0b3pre” /> (or whatever version you had noted previously!)
  • em:maxVersion=”16.*” /> (or whatever version you are currently using!)
  • Restart Firefox

Additional element: if after a while (after restarting your PC, sometimes) the Delicious Toolbar disappears again, you need to close Firefox, change the date of the install.rdf file to a more recent date (you can change 16.* to 17.* or anything like this for instance and save the file again), and restart Firefox.

Yet one more issue: with Firefox 16, Delicious creates a problem in the “Awesome bar”. To fix this, you need to edit yet another file, and the explanation on how to do this is described step by step on the following site:

*LATEST NEWS* The Delicious Firefox extension is now compatible with Firefox 16!

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And go to Mozilla’s site with add-ons for Firefox


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  1. It’s broken again, and Delicious says they’re not maintaining extensions anymore. Joy. Been scoping an import to FF (problematic on the tags), Xmarks and Diigo. Both of the latter are paid, which is OK with me–companies are less likely to abandon subscribers than eyeballs.


    Comment by Ann | 2013/01/24

  2. thanks for the tip, works for 17.* too – –


    Comment by freemoth | 2012/12/08

  3. gracias, it worked


    Comment by pere | 2012/10/17

  4. Fantastico!


    Comment by Marshall | 2012/10/16

  5. Thanks!!! You have saved my life!!!


    Comment by Delicious Addict | 2012/10/15

  6. It worked! Thank you


    Comment by Scary Hallo | 2012/10/15

  7. This worked until i restarted my computer, then firefox disabled it again. The file is still as i left it. Any ideas?


    Comment by bbob | 2012/10/15

    • This “relapse” happened to me as well. I re-edited the install.rdf file using

      em:maxVersion=”16.*” />

      Delicious is working again, even after two “close+restarts” of Firefox.

      Let’s hope we don’t need to edit this file too frequently!


      Comment by ppmartin | 2012/10/15

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