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Message to Electronic Arts from one of their Hong Kong customers … and EA’s constructive response (see “update”)

All the online games from EA I tried accessing from Hong Kong so far worked without a glitch, EXCEPT for Lord of Ultima (“LoU”) which suffers from some sort of very rough IP block which – most of the time – prevents Hong Kong based users from loging in😦

How come I can no longer access Lord of Ultima online in HK with the following message:

Access Denied
The server returned a 403 response.
You can’t access this page from your country.

Below is a link to the LOU Forum where I posted a workaround solution which used to work… but no longer works😦

Electronic Arts / Origin should allow players from Hong Kong to play their LOU online game, or worse comes to worse, should clearly state their access limitations rules upfront on their Hong Kong front page, and not accept payments on Play4Free in HKD from people based in HKD in the first place.

In the past two weeks, I exchanged many emails with the EA customer service, but so far only received boiler plate answers demonstrating that they had no clue and were not answering the real question😦

I wish there was someone with a better grasp of these issues, as well as with managerial responsibility, at Electronic Art with whom to have a real dialogue which would lead to a long term solution to this issue.

Perhaps someone from EA will see this stream and get back to us?

Could Electronic Arts,, Origin or Play4Free representatives kindly comment and hopefully help resolve his issue elegantly?

That would be much appreciated,

28 April 2012


Update! After several email exchanges with Electronic Arts, and in turn, various exchanges between Electronic Arts and the Lord of Ultima developers, I am very glad to learn that the IP block for Hong Kong and China has been removed:)

LoU removing IP Block for Hong Kong and China

Many thanks to Kenneth Benedict at Electronic Arts for his very helpful handling of this case.

Hong Kong and China players, welcome – or welcome back – to Lord of Ultima!

19 May 2012

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  1. Update: Many thanks again to Kenneth Benedict at Electronic Arts for taking care of this vexing issue, and having it fixed for good!

    This “unblocking” of the Hong Kong (and China) IPs is much appreciated from Electronic Arts / Origin and the Lord of Ultima developers.


    Comment by ppmartin | 2012/05/19

  2. Update: I have been contacted by an Electronic Arts Executive Relations Officer who is looking into the matter.

    There is thus hope at the end of the tunnel.

    To be further updated as the situation evolves.


    Comment by ppmartin | 2012/05/01

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