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As a kid, I started a stamp collection, and had a few special “Stamp Booklets” nicely organized etc.

After a while, I had no more time to properly take care of that hobby, but I kept on collecting nice stamps ever since, with the elusive idea that “when I retire”, I will then have time to look into this hobby more seriously.

I guess that “when I retire”, stamps may no longer exist on the planet, so the new name of that hobby will by that time be a branch of archeology.

But by all means, if you do have nice stamps, and you don’t know what to do with them, send them my way, and it will join my “future hobby” box😉

And in any case, I invite you to “stamp” your presence on the net by saying “hello” via the comment box below!

Happy New Year of the Rabbit

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  1. wow very nice pictures about stamp?? i like it, , .

    greeting from mas raden


    Comment by mas raden | 2011/03/03

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